About Us

TotePro is the betting interface designed specifically for serious racing punters. It has been created by a team of punting experts and allows you to execute your betting like a professional so as to maximise returns.

The TotePro team includes:

  • Mathematicians that specialise in betting and have provided their knowledge and expertise to bring you their exotic bet algorithms.
  • User experience experts to make the interface as easy to use as possible.
  • Wagering industry professionals who will ensure that we keep growing the depth and breadth services that our clients can access.

You will have access to professional punting tools that will improve your betting returns. Features include:

  • Advanced dutchbook functionality customised for win/place, exotics and multi-leg bet types.
  • Market leading dividend prediction algorithms.
  • The ability to utilise multiple odds sources for bet calculations including your own.
  • The use of flexi betting and for the first time bet grouping to enable extremely accurate staking levels and thus returns.
  • Rapid bet placement of hundreds of bets in seconds.

We have no doubt that TotePro will allow you to execute your betting more professionally and profitably than ever before.

At TotePro we are committed to a programme of continuous improvement to build upon the market leading features currently available. You can expect exciting developments in the coming months as we further confirm TotePro as the home for the serious racing punter.